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The Babysitting Course

Everything you need to learn to become a great babysitter!

Babysitting is the most important job you'll ever have!  This program will prepare you to take on this big responsibility and provide you with the skills and knowledge to keep kids safe, happy and healthy while they are in your care.

This program is modern, fun and highly interactive.  Designed to keep you engaged as you work your way through each module at your own comfortable pace.

This course is also perfect for any child who is asked to stay home alone with their sibling, while parents leave for short periods of time.

Please note that this course is best experienced on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Take the Babysitting Course!

Topics include

  • The safe way to find a job
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Preparing for your first job
  • Understanding the different needs of children
  • Awareness and prevention of injuries in and around the home – for all ages
  • Pedestrian and biking safety tips to prevent injuries and keep kids safe
  • Making a 911 call
  • Basic First Aid & CPR - interactive first person video training experience

The BabysittingProgram was designed by Deb Hennig, an Educator with over 22 years experience in the first aid industry, high school teacher, Co-Founder of SaveStation and proud mother of 3!


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